The inventor presenting an early prototype.


Sometimes it only takes a man with a vision to make a major technological breakthrough that can revolutionise entire industries. In 1998, an engineer and inventor Jüri Keikov together with his son patented the basics of a rotary piston mechanism that is the heart of a modern-day EcoVizor.

Despite the great promise of the technology, early efforts at making an industrial model based on the mechanism failed. Progress was continually set back by lack of adequate funding, and issues of reliability and performance.

In 2000, SNC Promex was established and acquired rights for the original patents.   A fresh team of talented engineers and designers started work on the pump. A new prototype was designed from the scratch, and five years later the first EcoVizor pumps were installed at selected customers’ facilities for real-world testing. Further adjustments and improvements were made to the design, based on the experience and feedback from these test locations. In 2008, modern assembly and testing facilities were set up near Tallinn, Estonia, after which the EcoVizor started shipping commercially.

At SNC Promex, we totally agree with another great inventor, Thomas Edison, who  remarked that “genius is one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration.” Behind the exceptional design of the EcoVizor lie years of concentrated effort – over 100 000 man-hours spent on improving and testing the design, and over 1.5 million hours of pumps’ run-time data acquired, stored, and analysed. This has helped us to accumulate an impressive amount of intellectual capital in the form of patents and know-how that we can use to better serve our customers’ needs.

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