Letter from the CEO


Decision-makers commonly associate environment-friendly technology with increasing costs and declining profits. We have made it our mission to show that taking the “green” route is not only responsible, but can also provide huge economic benefits.

Our pumps are based on an innovative technology that offers unprecedented efficiency while matching or surpassing conventional pumping technologies in terms of functionality, reliability and durability. The versatility of the EcoVizor makes it an ideal replacement for outdated equipment. Our pumps will dramatically cut energy consumption for many years of trouble-free operation – when less energy is consumed, less needs to be produced, reducing both costs and ecological footprint.

We consider it to be a rare opportunity and a privilege to work on a technology both ecologically and economically superior. Everyone at SNC Promex – a team of highly motivated professionals – is excited and enthusiastic about the EcoVizor, and recent rapid increases in our sales suggest that exciting times lie ahead of us.

We will all join our efforts to meet the growing demand for our pumps – designing and testing new features, increasing our production capacities, expanding our network of partners and distributors to provide friendly, fast and reliable customer experience worldwide.


Aleksey Silantjev
SNC Promex AS

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