We prioritise offering the highest quality products while giving our concern and consideration to the natural enviroment. It is only fair to say that we extend the same way of thinking to the work environment of our most important asset – our people.

Our people feel passionate about each project in our hands. They are knowledgeable, highly motivated professionals who always go that one extra mile just to make sure the outcome is the best of all possibe options. These are people who enjoy working with each other for one common goal. Acting together as a coherent team, everyone at SNC Promex contributes their unique skills and talents.

We prioritise our people – for they are the reason we can provide the ultimate in quality. By providing them with pleasant working conditions, the best tools, education and training we make sure that our people stay on top of the fast pace of technological progress. In return, we can always feel confidence in our employees when facing another impossible challenge. Their skills and motivation always find a way of producing the best quality and keep the perfect relations within the company.

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