Reducing Emissions

International and national legislation passed worldwide in order to meet the Kyoto Protocol targets have made emissions management a matter of necessity rather than choice for industries.  With the rising concern about global warming new, more stringent emission standards are to be expected in the coming years. Thus the ability to cope with the current  and future regulations will become critical to the success of a company.

The EcoVizor offers an easy, cost-effective way to significantly reduce carbon emissions through reduced energy consumption, and to manage the total environmental footprint through the ECO2 program. The ECO2 program targets reduction of the total environmental impact from products by analyzing product lifecycle from manufacturing to decommissioning and recycling, and focusing on reducing the environmental footprint in key areas most affecting the total.

Ever since its inception, the EcoVizor model family has been designed to be the “greenest” pump on the market, making it fully compliant with the ECO2 program. We achieve our low environmental footprint through four focal areas:


An EcoVizor is several times smaller and lighter than any other pump of equal capacity.  Decrease in dimensions reduces the volume of metals needed for manufacturing, and since metallurgy is one of the major sources of emissions, cuts down on the ecological footprint. As a secondary effect, reduced dimensions of pumps also mean less facility space is needed during production, transportation and operation.


Specialists at our production facilities continually improve the manufacturing process to by optimising machining operations and reduce the amount of waste material created. We also make sure that the materials used in our pumps have been produced in an environmentally reponsible fashion.


Well over 90% of the EcoVizor’s total environmental footprint is caused by the power used for operation.  As the EcoVizor allows significant reduction of power consumption due to its higher efficiency, increasing energy efficiency is a direct way of cutting emissions.

Long service intervals mean less replacement parts, reducing the total ecological footprint of the EcoVizor. In many applications, lubricants based on renewable raw materials can be  further reduce the environmental impact.

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