The EcoVizor model family has been designed to cover the majority of common industrial processes and requirements of both end users and OEMs. This selection is augmented by designs developed for special applications in cooperation with and according to the specifications provided by a specific partner or customer.

EcoVizor Standard Range:

Working Pressure: max 16 bar max 232 PSI
Vacuum: 0.92 bar 13.3 PSI
Capacity: 1.5 – 250 m³/h 6.6 – 1100 gpm
Fluid Temperature: max 450°C max 842°F
Ambient Temperature: max 75°C / min -30 °C max 167°F / min -22°F
Particle size: max 2.5 mm max 1/10 inch
Viscosity: max 250 000 mPa*s max 250 000 mPa*s

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